More upgrades

 Its been awhile since I posted.  My house is all consuming.  there is so much work to do on every square inch of the place.  In January we tore off the bottom half of the front and replaced everything from the sill plates out.  New windows, door, cement, porch and in the process of a new pergola. 
 Also needed are rails and in this picture, plantings.
 Plantings have started.  I am not going to plant grass.  I want a water wise yard.  The boards represent a future fence placement. 
The bricks were buried under about 3 inches of dirt and weeds.  a happy find.  If I ever get a handle on the bermuda grass it will be great.  The plantings so far in this pic are a fig tree, a snowball tree and Lavender.  In the barrel is a lemon tree.