It's been a long time

It's been a long time since I posted because I bought a house.  And while it was being remodeled I was living out of a box or two at different friends homes.  Everything I own was in storage.  I finally moved in recently and escrow finally closed.  The top picture is about a year ago when this whole process started.  The 2nd pic was about a month ago and the third pic was taken yesterday.  It is a work in progress for sure.  So much to do and so little money!  So quilting has taken a very far back seat in my life at this point.  In fact while boxing up my quilting supplies to store I realized i had more of it than I could ever use.  I will definitely be scaling down in the near future.  But for now my focus is both the interior and exterior of this place.  The back yard is huge and is completely dirt.  no grass, nothing.  The grass in the front is just weeds.  I want to do a low water, landscape without lawn.  All I need is time and money!


  1. Good to hear from you again! I was wondering where you disappeared to, now I know and I can understand. Congrats!

    1. Hi Brandie, Yep, I am still here. Just busy beyond words, plus they have us working 10 hr days which sucks any energy I have away. I am sure I will see you soon. take care!

  2. Very happy for you !! Good luck in your journey and continued quilting !!

  3. So great to see your post! Welcome back and good luck with the house!

  4. Lizzie, You know I am so thrilled for you! Things will come together at your sweet little house. It's already come so far!! I know you will share some stitchery with us soon. Quilting may take a couple years but I hope you will get back to it one day! xoxo Pammy

  5. It is adorable! I hope you have fun fixing it up and decorating it.