A year ago my barn was a run down old garage.  I told the builder to tear it down, he told me he could fix it and I said,  whatever.  It's not new by any means.  It was built when the house went up in 1938. The window is new and the door is new, some of the siding is new and some still needs replacing.  It is a storage area and I love it.  I plan on putting a Barn quilt on it as soon as I get around to  it.  Maybe next year.  I want it to be a schoolhouse pattern.  But I need to draft it and buy the wood and paint and you know the drill.  It all takes time and money just like everything else. I still have to put up the ridge caps on the roof and put up a weather vane.  Next year there will be sunflowers all around.  The paint color is barn red from Tractor supply. 


It's been a long time

It's been a long time since I posted because I bought a house.  And while it was being remodeled I was living out of a box or two at different friends homes.  Everything I own was in storage.  I finally moved in recently and escrow finally closed.  The top picture is about a year ago when this whole process started.  The 2nd pic was about a month ago and the third pic was taken yesterday.  It is a work in progress for sure.  So much to do and so little money!  So quilting has taken a very far back seat in my life at this point.  In fact while boxing up my quilting supplies to store I realized i had more of it than I could ever use.  I will definitely be scaling down in the near future.  But for now my focus is both the interior and exterior of this place.  The back yard is huge and is completely dirt.  no grass, nothing.  The grass in the front is just weeds.  I want to do a low water, landscape without lawn.  All I need is time and money!