Grab bag from Homestead Hearth

 On Jan 15th Kathleen Tracy of Sentimental Quilter showed that she got a grab bag from Homestead Hearth and so I thought I had to have one too. 
 The bag came in yesterday's mail.  It is bits and pieces and some bigger pieces.  Aren't they lovely?
 I will wait until Feb. and Kathleen Tracy announces what her small quilt of the month will be and then I will pull some and use it.  Nice fabric selections!


Old cloth rice bag

 My father had this years ago and I got it after he died.  It is fabric and I love it.  At some point in the near future it will be hand quilted and hung on the wall.  Originally I had thought I would make a pillow case out of it but I like the wall idea better.


My little beginning

This book by Lynette Anderson is a wonderful book.  I love dogs and it has a great dog pattern that I have been meaning to make for quite some time. I love this quilt and would like to make it someday.  

Here is the 200% pattern
 But for now I am making one dog and it will become a pillow.  Here is my freezer paper applique.

And here is the freezer paper torn off.
Here is a close up of the completed applique.  Next for the embellishments and who knows how I will finish it. 


Kathy Schmitz Block of the month

 When I found out that Kathy Schmitz had a block of the month going on I had to find it!  It can be found at Colonial Crafts in MA.  I am a huge fan of her work and bought 3 of her patterns for the BOM.  I believe it starts in March and goes until Feb next year.  I have a few projects that need to get done before I start but I am looking forward to starting these .


A little bag

 In 1999 I was in New Orleans and bought a bag of rice.  Not for the rice but for the bag.  I had no idea what I wanted to do with it but I wanted it. Over the weekend I ran across it and decided I would make it into a mug rug.  I hand quilted it and then looking for something else I ran across a zipper that had been my grandmothers. (she died in 1987)  I decided I would see if I could put it on the rice bag successfully.  Since I am not a sewer of clothes.  It worked.  So I made this cute little bag.
 I love it.  I have no idea what I will use it for but I am sure in time I will find the perfect thing. 
While in the grocery store last night I searched the isles for cloth bags of any kind.  sadly I didn't find any. 


Little Quilt from Kathleen Tracy pattern

 This free pattern is on Kathleen Tracy's blog.  I adjusted it a bit but made it close to the pattern.  I am happy with the results.
 Here it is on the top of my bookshelf on my metal quilt stand. 
 an upside down close up...
A close up of the quilt on the stand.  The only color I am not happy with is the yellow.  I only choose it because I am trying to get out of my comfort zone.. yellow is not a favorite.  oh well.. done. 


Another start

 From this Primitive Quilts magazine there is a project I loved and decided to do my own way.

The above image is from the magazine and the one on the left is my version.  This weekend I plan on getting the hand quilting started.  I like it!


Received my fabric from Sisters!

July of 2013 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Quilt Block contest fabrics! Aren't these wonderful fabrics!  I can't wait to make a block.  They have two color ways this year.  Blue and Green, this is the green option. 

Completely finished!

 Here is the back
And here is the front all done!


Finished my little quilt top

 I finished my Kathleen Tracy self imposed quilt of the month challenge.  Last night I got it all hand quilted and am in the process of putting on the binding.  wahoooooo.


The next project

 Kathleen Tracy is one of my favorite quilt makers.  I have made a few of her quilts and watched last year as many people made a small quilt a month.  This is going on again this year and I have decided to try to keep up and make one of her quilts each and every month.   I have the fabric all cut out and ready to sew, I believe it was Decembers quilt.  I like it and the size is right.  small!  doable and cute. 


Things I made for Xmas gifts

 I made this cute little Bee for my Friend Pammy B
And these pillow shams for my Son B. 

Challenge BOM

 My friend Pammy of Library Gal Quilts suggested we do a BOM for this year from this book.  Juniper and Mistletoe.  I have loved this quilt forever and agreed. The Quilt is called Festival of trees and here is my Block #1 all done. 


Over my Christmas Vacation

 I made this pillow.  I found a rather large leaf pattern and decided I would use embroidery thread and see how it turned out.  I rather like the results.
 another view
 another view

 From this Primitive Quilts magazine.  I liked the Cheri Payne quilt. 
But when I found my fabric I decided to reverse the setting.  Don't know how I will finish it but I like the way it started.