Kathleen Tracy Monthly challenge .. done!

 Well, not completely done, still have to quilt it.  But the top is done.  I altered the pattern a small bit by adding a second side strip.  Those bias sides were starting to bother me so I put an end to them.  It measures about 21 inches square right now.  But I plan on slicing it down a bit when I am done hand quilting it, which won't be any time soon.  I have a wrist ache from to much hand quilting so I am going to do piecing until it heals. 


  1. Gorgeous fabrics in your grab bag. And your little quilt looks so sweet. Hope your wrist heals soon so you can get back to hand quilting. In the meantime, piecing is always fun. Especially if you have lots of scraps.

  2. Love the vintage fabrics in your newest challenge. Hope your wrist recovers quickly!