May day by Kathy Schmitz

 I finished the sewing of the May day small Sweet Stitches BOM from Kathy Schmitz.  I love these patterns so much.  I am hoping to finish the borders of the 3 I have finished over the coming weekend.


An embroidery finish of a Kathy Schmitz BOM

Kathy Schmitz is one of my very favorite pattern makers.  I love her work. 


Kathleen Tracy Monthly challenge .. done!

 Well, not completely done, still have to quilt it.  But the top is done.  I altered the pattern a small bit by adding a second side strip.  Those bias sides were starting to bother me so I put an end to them.  It measures about 21 inches square right now.  But I plan on slicing it down a bit when I am done hand quilting it, which won't be any time soon.  I have a wrist ache from to much hand quilting so I am going to do piecing until it heals. 


A few things I did this weekend

 I put the bindings on these two quilts
 Got two more Kathy Schmitz BOM patterns ready to embroider
Finished up my rabbit.  now to the borders...


Small finish

I made a small finish this week.  Pot holder size.  off center because I was going to make it a mug rug but changed my mind and cut off the left side.  oh well, the pots won't care.