My little beginning

This book by Lynette Anderson is a wonderful book.  I love dogs and it has a great dog pattern that I have been meaning to make for quite some time. I love this quilt and would like to make it someday.  

Here is the 200% pattern
 But for now I am making one dog and it will become a pillow.  Here is my freezer paper applique.

And here is the freezer paper torn off.
Here is a close up of the completed applique.  Next for the embellishments and who knows how I will finish it. 


  1. What a perfect start! The pillow is going to be sweet. Thanks for sharing about the book. It looks like some fun patterns.

  2. Привет. Как я люблю эту книгу и этих собак. Я тоже когда-нибудь сошью такое одеяло для внуков, но пока сшила вот такую коробочку.