Recently this was in the mail

 I entered the Sisters Quilt show Block contest.  Always fun to stretch yourself and use fabric that I would never otherwise use.  It is due in June so I have to put my thinking cap on and figure out what I am going to do with this fabric. 


Time for the hand quilting

 Little village is done, hand quilting is started
 My little logs are done as well and the hand quilting has started.


Little houses pillow top.. done!

I finished this 22 x 22 pillow top last night.  I opted not to put the stars in the corners.  I think it is to busy.  so I will embroider something if it feels right.  Love Blueberry crumb cake fabrics!


The latest

This will be the back of my little log cabins quilt.  I used the left over hst from my swoon quilt and added borders.  And last night I decided to make the little pillow from mini houses.  I got nine done and thought I was all done.  When I was looking at the pattern this am I realized I needed to make 12.  So tonight the other 3 will be made.  A charm pack really does go a long ways. 


log cabin top finished

I used the left over background fabric from my Swoon Quilt also from Blueberry Crumb Cake fabric.  Since I took this picture I trimmed down the sides to 1 3/4 inches.  It should finish very close to the one above it in the image.  Now to figure out a backing and hand quilt it!


The newest project

 1999 October magazine.  I love love love this Jo Morton log cabin small quilt.  So I made one.  It usually sits on my bed side table.
 why blogger insists on turning images makes me so mad.  but there seems to be nothing I can do so turn your head.  this is the one I made a few years back.  but I saved the magazine because I love the pattern.
 I bought a little charm pack of fabric.
 And decided that I would make this pattern again.  I love the way it is turning out!


new little quilt

 I was going through my pile of patterns over the weekend and came across this little one by Renee Plains.  got out my fabric and had a little fun doing an applique.
 Here is the pattern
 And here it is cut out and laid on the background fabric.
 House appliqued down.  Homespun fabric is not easy to applique.  It ravels a lot.  Now for the handwork.  It is in the basket and ready to go.


Debating how to finish

 I had 2 mini charm packs and was trying to figure out what to do with them.  I thought I would try the hour glass and see how they turned out.
 Now I am debating quilting this embroidery instead of putting it in a frame. 
All that is left to do is the math to get it centered.  That can be the hardest part.


A finish and a new book

 I bought this new pattern in Paradise last weekend.  And finished it yesterday.  Love it!!
 Grrrr, Bad blogger!  Well, turn your head and look at my new book!  I pre-ordered it awhile back and it showed up  yesterday.
 I even got an autograph!

 It is a healthy sized book filled with lots of information.  I am looking forward to reading it.
A couple of pages showing great barns!


A new embroidery

 I went to Paradise CA on Saturday and stopped in at the local Quilt shop.  Picked up this pattern and then when I got home I traced it onto fabric.
I started it last night after a very long Sunday.  Does anyone know how to turn an image in blogger?  seems you can do everything but turn .


Iron dilema solved!

My friend Pammy just happened to have this on hand and wasn't using it. A Rowenta Effective 1600 W.doesn't that sound impressive?  I love it.   I used it last night to iron my new fat quarters.  It works very well and is a nice weight!  Thank you Pammy!

A side trip yesterday

 From Biggs CA you could clearly see Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta in the distance.  It was a beautiful day in the valley.
 I took a side trip to the new Salvation Army store in Gridley CA.  And saw this Bric a brac.  for $3.25, but with my senior discount it only cost me $2.92.  deal of the day!
 It looked pretty rough and unloved, so I polished the silver and now it is stunning. 

 The shadow makes it still look dark here but believe me it is shiny and new silver!
I am happy about the new addition to my silver collection.  Thank you Salvation Army!

In the mail

 I received a box in the mail last night
 I have never done this before!  I ordered the fabric exactly like the pattern.  Every time I run across this pattern, Chippewa Nine Patch by Minick and Simpson I just think I have to have it.  so I did buy it all!
The fabric line is Prairie paisley also by Minick & Simpson.  A bonus, the pattern is written well and easy to read and understand.  Looking forward to making this one.


 Over the weekend I finished this quilt.  It was quilted by a place that shall remain nameless (grrrr) and they stretched the heck out of it and folded the edges over until it was a mess.  I un-quilted a lot of it and fixed it as best I could.  Then put the binding on it and called it good.  Now it is the quilt that will be used to wrap furniture if I move.  But until then it is used at night to keep warm.  I love it and am sad that the quilter ruined my quilt.

My old iron died on Monday night.  I was so sad because I really liked it.
It was a cheap Rival iron, no bells or whistles, just a workhorse.
I looked online and this was the only iron that interested me
but after turning it on last night and trying to iron I realize it is way to
heavy.  So the search continues for the perfect iron.  Is one out there.
I don't want to spend an arm and a leg.