Weekend Walnut shaking

The Walnut orchard around my place was all shook up this weekend.  I tried to capture a tree being shaken so you would be able to see how Walnuts get "picked" these days.  There is a machine called a shaker that goes to each tree and shakes the nuts right off the tree and onto the ground.  At the same time every critter in the area is all shook up too and looking for a place to hide.  So the bug factor is high.  Haven't seen any snakes yet and hope I don't.  After the trees are "shook" then the nuts are on the ground.  A vehicle called a sweeper goes over them and puts them in rows and blows out the leaves and sticks and things.  Then the next step is a machine that picks them up on a conveyor belt and into a trailer and off to the place that is buying the nuts.  Very different than the old days of knocking them off the tree with poles and picking them into buckets.  A lot less manual labor. 

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