Next Embroidery project

I bought this pattern because I think it is truly beautiful.  Then I opened the pattern and wonder how in the heck I am going to transfer it on to fabric?  The pattern is from Crab Apple Hill.  I read the instructions for Transfer-eze but it seems like to many processes.  Anyone have any ideas for an easy way to transfer the sheets onto fabric.  They are about 36 inches wide and 8 - 10 inches high.  What was I thinking?????


  1. I've never used Transfer ez but I'll tell you how I did mine. I press my fabric with Best Press and taped it horizontally to the patio door and traced it with a fine pointed - #01 - black Pigma Pen. Yes, it took a long time but the finished product is beautiful ..... so beautiful I ended up making 2 of them. Put on your favorite music, your favorite beverage and enjoy!

  2. Don't know if this will help but I use a light box to trace.

  3. I have the pattern but I haven't done it yet. My friend used a light box and I have seen it done in Green and It was beautiful. Enjoy.

  4. I personally think transfer ez lends itself better to the printer size sheets which = smaller projects. I made my own lightbox using a little plug in lightbar from Lowes stuck in inside a plastic storage box from Wally World. Just try to find a box that doesn't have as rough a "belly button" in the bottom because you flip the whole business over on it's lid to use it.
    I've used pigma pens for years, mostly to sign projects permanently or add stitch marks or faces to muslin dolls. I've used them for transferring designs for embroidery too but its tedious because of the fine tip popping on the threads and its permanent. Not long ago I decided to try my FriXion pen by Pilot. What a Godsend. It's a gel pen so it rolls across fabric much more smoothly and it's forgiving...it you make an error it's not permanent. Use the rubber tip to "erase" your mistake or just hit it with a warm iron. You just have to remember not to accidently erase your tracing before you're done stitching.
    These pens are available and most quilt shops, but if you watch carefully you can find them packaged in the pen and pencil aisle for a little less.