A new beginnning

 I love the Quilt on the cover of July 2011 Country Living.  I am a total follower of Sarah Richardson and love all of her shows.  When I saw her room on the cover I knew I had to make this quilt.  So I started.

 My first attempt.  oops, wrong size solid pieces...
 this looks better
yep, they fit now.  Now to complete 24 more. 


  1. Simple and beautiful. And fun

  2. That is beautiful.. love red and white. Sarah Richardson, does she have shows on HGTV? If it's who I'm thinking, I love all of her shows as well! Love her style. Everything's so fresh and colorful.

  3. I have that magazine and when I saw the cover my first thought was 'wow, red and white quilts are just always winners!' I just love it when something hits you just so, you know you love it and you've got to make it! So, I am so proud of you for not only knowing it, but doing it. This will be awesome! Good for you!