Over the weekend I finished this quilt.  It was quilted by a place that shall remain nameless (grrrr) and they stretched the heck out of it and folded the edges over until it was a mess.  I un-quilted a lot of it and fixed it as best I could.  Then put the binding on it and called it good.  Now it is the quilt that will be used to wrap furniture if I move.  But until then it is used at night to keep warm.  I love it and am sad that the quilter ruined my quilt.

My old iron died on Monday night.  I was so sad because I really liked it.
It was a cheap Rival iron, no bells or whistles, just a workhorse.
I looked online and this was the only iron that interested me
but after turning it on last night and trying to iron I realize it is way to
heavy.  So the search continues for the perfect iron.  Is one out there.
I don't want to spend an arm and a leg. 


  1. How terrible! You would think a quilter would how better. From the picture it looks alright so whatever you did worked. So sorry!

  2. This iron has been getting good reviews over on Quiltville Chat...http://www.amazon.com/Continental-Electric-CE23111-Steam-Iron/dp/B00081EQ0Q/ref=wl_it_dp_o_npd?ie=UTF8&coliid=I11F0257A1YEY1&colid=16BO4A0RMCGVB
    Great price as well. It's on my wish list to replace my formerly cool, but now acting stupid Oliso iron!
    Sorry to hear your quilt got wrecked. That is just sick-making.

    1. Lizzie, SOMEONE just left an iron on your chair...heehee.

  3. Oh that is maddening about the quilt - it is a very handsome quilt and I bet it will still keep someone cozy. I don't like to spend a lot on an iron since I have a very bad history of knocking them off the ironing board and breaking them. I bought my last 2 at Walmart, not fancy and they worked great till I dropped them -- Happy stitching!