Weekend small goodies

 This is a mug rug for my desk.  It is about 8" square
And this little gem is the Schnibbles little houses left overs.  I keep trying to get the contrast right.  Then I used a little bit of Sue Spargo's dog ribbon.  This little quilt lives in my work space as well. 


Jellyroll quick quilt!

 I used the method shows on this site to make this quick and easy quilt.  Incase the link doesn't work this is the site.  http://blog.heirloomcreations.net/?p=1897   this is done with a jelly roll.  sew them end to end .  then fold in half and sew them again end to end. do it 5 times total and you have a quilt.  Easy peasy. 

Swoon! done.

 Of course blogger now puts images in whatever order they want.  whatever...  So here it is the process of the Swoon quilt.  DONE!!!!!  I took the outside pictures at 4 pm yesterday so the light wasn't so good.  But here is my completed Swoon quilt. 

this image should have been first. 


 View of one completed square for reference on my little design wall.
 The completed block! 8 more blocks to go!
 I finished my little pillow using the Schnibbles little houses pattern.

The contrast didn't turn out as well as I liked so I used my friend Pammy's suggestion and outlined the houses in Black. 


the beginning of Swoon

 Got the hst's all cut out and sewn
 Got the pieces sewn together
 checking the contrast,
the rest of the story.  Next the center and middles. 


Finished pillow

Love this pattern.  I finished my little wool pillow and now it sits on a chair in my dining room.  See previous post for the pattern info.


Finished little houses

I finished my Schnibbles pattern.  I altered it a bit because I ran out of fabric for the two lines of squares for the center of the quilt.  But I still love it and am addicted to these little houses.  I see more of them in my future!


I have gotten the bug again, finally.  It has been a long time since I have felt like doing any quilting.  These houses are from the Schnibbles pattern. I just need to get the borders done and quilt it and it will be done.  I love house images and can't seem to get enough of them.