Christmas break

As of today I have a holiday until Jan 2nd.  I'll be back on line then and catch up.  Lizzie


LIttle finishes

 Tree skirt... done and using it
 Little quilt of hexs done...
Little pumpkin quilt ready for next year!


Finished in the nick of Time

 This quilt got finished on Wednesday evening before Turkey day. 
And here is where it lived on thanksgiving day.  And it will be there until I get my Christmas stuff out if I decide to decorate this year.


new book

 This is my new book.  Kim Diehl always delivers the best patterns.  I think I like her.  Look what else I own.  Sorry about the sideways images, nothing I can do will change it so just tilt your head please.
Yep, 5 of her other books.  I can't get enough of her great books.  I love looking through the pictures and dreaming of a time I can make a few more of them. 


A new little quilt

 This little quilt is from the newest Primitive Quilts and projects.  I love it, sweet, easy and fast.
 Kinda hard to get a good pic because it is tall and skinny.    Actually I think the final measurements are 6" x 36"  or something close to that. 


Weekend update

 Worked on my pumpkin quilt.  Got 16 of the blocks together and have put a small border on, oops didn't get a pic of that yet.  Waiting to find the perfect border for this quilt.  The original quilt has 36 blocks.  I only want to do a wall hanging.  It went pretty fast and I like the results.

Yesterday (Sunday November 3rd) I picked tomatoes.  The size isn't great but the vine is still producing.  Weird.  It's 82 degrees here in Northern California today and the Redding area is supposed to be 86 degrees.

I also started the cutest snowman quilts from the Primitive Quilts and projects magazine.  As soon as I get the face sewn on I will show it!


A little place in my sewing area I like

I love old metal things and have collected a few old rake parts.  I love the way it acts as a shelf and I can hang stuff from it.  See that cookie cutter?  I plan on using it as a quilting template for a future project. 


New project for the weekend

I hope to get to this project on the weekend.  These little purses can be sooooo cute!


New project from Primitive Quilts latest magazine

 I started it and will have to show a pic of the progress.  I have put the trees on it and used wool.  I don't know if I will put the hearts on it.  I didn't use any batting and I kind of like the light weight. 


Weekend Walnut shaking

The Walnut orchard around my place was all shook up this weekend.  I tried to capture a tree being shaken so you would be able to see how Walnuts get "picked" these days.  There is a machine called a shaker that goes to each tree and shakes the nuts right off the tree and onto the ground.  At the same time every critter in the area is all shook up too and looking for a place to hide.  So the bug factor is high.  Haven't seen any snakes yet and hope I don't.  After the trees are "shook" then the nuts are on the ground.  A vehicle called a sweeper goes over them and puts them in rows and blows out the leaves and sticks and things.  Then the next step is a machine that picks them up on a conveyor belt and into a trailer and off to the place that is buying the nuts.  Very different than the old days of knocking them off the tree with poles and picking them into buckets.  A lot less manual labor. 


Pumpkin Quilt

I bought this book awhile back because I wanted to make this quilt, then put it on the shelf and forgot about it.  Then due to Halloween pumpkin quilts that  have been showing up and I remembered I had the book.  So I got it out and have started the task of doing the applique.  this quilt won't be ready for this year but hopefully next year will hang for the Fall season.


my new little hexie quilt

Once again, crooked but this it my little hex quilt based on Kathleen Tracy's Quilt that can be seen in the background.  I am now addicted to hex's.  They are so fun and little and cute.  Next I would like to try a Clam shell small quilt.  Anyone know a good beginner pattern?


New fabric in the mail!

Tried to get this post all pretty but I can't seem to move things or type anywhere above this line.  Whatever.  So anyway, this is the new fabric I got over the weekend.  I LOVE IT!!!  Little houses always peak my like factor.  I have no idea what I am going to do with it.  maybe just hoard it until the perfect pattern comes my way.  Isn't it wrapped nicely. 


new book

I found this cute book on Connecting threads.  It was very affordable and is so cute! 


Desden turkey

Jan Patek's pattern Dresden Turkey.  Sorry you have to tilt your head to see it properly.  I am using my stash to make things lately, the "feathers" are made from my gobble gobble fabric left overs.  that line is my all time favorite line of fabric.  I couldn't find any fabric in my stash to put on the borders  so I had to shop.  I put an orange silk border then the awesome orange paisley on the outside border.  Now it is ready to quilt.  My goal is to have it on the wall before Turkey day.


New Quilt top, wool and cotton

 All laid out and ready to stitch
 wool on cotton
 From the pages of Primitive Quilts
Here is the front cover.  I got it all stitched last night and will show a picture soon.


Started a new little quilt

I am now hooked on hex's.  I decided to make a little hexie quilt.  All done except for the hand quilting which will start soon. 


A nice mug rug gift

My friend Pammy, gave me this lovely Mug rug.  I love the little houses and I use it by my sewing machine.  Thank you Pammy!


A button win!

I recently won buttons from Buttonmad blog spot.  Check them out!  and here are the buttons all the way from South Africa.


Pumpkin Pillow

Over the weekend I worked on a new project.  This pattern is by Buttons & Bees and is called Pumpkin Pillow.  I love it!  I am now doing the hand quilting. 


Made a little something over the weekend

I looked all through my patterns to find something I could make with a pumpkin and finally ran across a free pattern I got from Sandy Gervais a few years back.  I used wool for the pumpkin, stem and stars. 


The winning block

I choose to make my block separate from the rest of the blocks I received.  I have a plan on how to use the other blocks but I wanted mine to be able to hang on the wall in my sewing area.  The printed fabric is what The Stitching Post sent me as part of my prize.  The finished little quilt is about 21" square.  Winning the block contest was such a great honor.


Just returned from 2 weeks in Seward Alaska!

This is an image from Windsong Lodge on the way to Exit Galcier in Seward Alaska.  I went to attend my best friends son's wedding.  It was beautiful. 


Received my prize!

My quilt block was returned to me as was 2 yards of fabric seen in this photo, as well as a nice $50 check and 22 of the blocks from the show and a very nice ribbon to remember this event.  Thank you so much Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!


Best in Show at Sisters Outdoor Quilt show!

I just saw on Facebook that my Quilt block from the block contest won Best in Show!  Talk about excited!  This is the best news ever!  What a complete honor!  Yipppppppeeeeeeee!!!  Thank you Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!


Sisters Bound!

 I completed two quilts that are on their way to Sisters to be hung at the anual Quilt show in July.  This is my Swoon Quilt.  I decided I wanted all the blocks to look the same and I like blue and white. 
 a close up
 and from the back.  The quilting was done by a woman in Durham CA named Ester Abshire.  She really is wonderful and did a great job.  I am very pleased with her work.
 This is my basket quilt.  A pattern by Jean Wells.  I machine pieced it and then used embroidery thread to quilt it.  That was a lot of work.  But I finished just in time to mail it off to Sisters. 
 from the back
And a closer view.