Susan Vreeland is one of my very favorite authors. This book lives up to my expectations. Great book. About working conditions for women in the last century and how "Clara" was the creative person behind Tiffany Lamps. Very good.
These two lovelies showed up in my mail box last night. Love them!


Body Pillow Cover

I am finally getting this ready to hand quilt. I also plan on doing some major embroidery on this to make it whimsical for my grand kids. It will be the pillow cover for a body pillow that will sit on a special couch for the kids. The patterns are from Tonye Belinda Phillips.
middle section
other side.


Learning to monogram

I have wanted to do monograms for a long time and decided to teach myself. These are my first two tries. I think the S is way to big. I like the smaller one best for now.


Oroville Dam

From the Boat launch area

From on top of the dam looking towards Paradise
From the top looking down on the Feather River

From the lookout at the Visitors Center Looking at the top of the dam
From the visitors center looking towards Paradise
From the visitors center looking at the Bidwell Bar Bridge and those little white things are boats at Bidwell Marina. According to the stats at the visitors center the Dam is within 6 inches of being full. It has been a long time since it has been this full. A delight to see!



Does anyone know where to find images of the Quilt show in Sisters over the weekend?


Stay-cation sewing

The pattern purchased at Morning Star Quilters in Paradise CA.
The finished product. I like them!