New projects

A new pattern with a button included!
grrrrr, blogger. I turned the image before adding it and of course blogger didn't' take it. grrrrr. This is a new project I bought from Kathy Schmitz. Love her patterns.
And a 2nd pattern from her.
A retired friend from work stopped by the office yesterday and brought me this gift. yummmmm! Thank you Maggie!
I am a big fan of Sarah Richardson and all of her shows. The most recent being Sarah's Summer Cottage. This quilt was on her bed and I decided that was the next quilt I was going to make. Talk about surprised when I saw it on the cover of Country Living magazine. Bonus for me, now I don't have to do it from memory.


Finished ironing board project

The legs off of the old ironing board. Any idea's as to what to do with them other than throw them out?
The board, getting wood filler in the holes
sanding nice and smooth
One of the many coats of chalkboard paint. drum roll please.......
The finished product. A Chalkboard for my kitchen!


A Finish

Last night I finished the hand quilting and put on the binding on my little wall quilt. It is a Kathy Schmitz pattern. I love her patterns and in fact have a few on order right now. I love embroidery and quilting combined and plan on doing more in the future.

A sideways closeup of the top. Don't understand why we can't turn these around in blogger. grrrrr.


My 5 Quilts

The 5 quilts pictured today are now all in boxes and ready to go to Sisters to hang in the Quilt Show. Once they are mailed I can again concentrate on making more quilts. But for awhile I have been just waiting for the day to mail them off.
I took pictures of them after a ten hour work day and 100 degree heat. 5:30 yesterday evening.
I love this quilt, but not so much the quilting. B & B in Orland doesn't do the greatest job. Sad to say.


Another Weekend find

This old ironing board, circa 1950's? Solid wood, And the legs I figured I would unscrew and take off immediately. Wrong.... they were riveted. so I had to ask how to get them off. My son told me to use my drill and drill them out. ok. It worked but was not easy. Then I sanded the front and back and now it is ready for a project. Any ideas what I am going to do with it???
Here is the back. Made in USA, and made to last.


Weekend goodies

This is the west side of my house under the Redwood tree. I am re-vamping for the new year. This is a before.
These Hydrangea's were there and need re-potting.
Like my new planter? I sure do. This is what I see when I look outside my kitchen window.
And here is my kitchen before I went shopping on Friday.
And here is the sign I picked up in Paradise at Jeanies. $10 for that great sign and it is not new. It was sitting by the front door and I grabbed it and was a happy shopper! The lighting is pretty bad but the sign is great!
Closer look at it.
And on Saturday I went back to Paradise and went shopping at the antique shop next to Morning star Quilters and my friend Pammy spotted this sign. Well, it must have been the weekend of the sign.
Here it is above the door to the garden. Love it!


A recent purchase

I bought a charm from Sweetwater. On etsy. This is the darling bag it came in. Love the bag as much as the charm.
Here is the adorable charm. I have a real "thing" for houses. Love it!