sample block

I was given a bit of fabric and a pattern for a challenge. so I decided to make a sample block first to see how the pattern came together. I rather like it. Basket pattern by Jean Wells.


Weekend finish

I finished the hand quilting and made a pillow over the weekend.


A few new books to add to my collection

I have received these books over the past few weeks. I loved this book!
not my favorite of the series.
lots of great ideas
A nice book
whoa, some small pieces in here
Future plans in this book.

have a great weekend!


Just One Star block challenge

Made two blocks for the Just one star can comfort a soldier challenge. One for me and one for a friend at work who doesn't quilt. They will go out in the mail today!


new mini hangers

I bought these from Pumpkinvine Corners. I love them. Looking forward to putting them up and show casing a few o f my little quilts. The prices were great. Check them out!


My Red and White Quilt show

This is my little red and white show. Please go to this site to see many more wonderful red and white quilts!. This little r/w quilt I started the day my daughter got married.

Red velvet pillow with white buttons
r/w small xmas quilt
My quilt ladder with 3 of 4 r/w quilts
r/w quilt on the table
r/w baby quilt

Beginning stages of a yet unfinished r/w quilt
r/w quilt from a few years back

small r/w small quilt
framed r/w small quilt
r/w small quilt
r/w unfinished quilt
r/w quilt that isn't quilted yet. This quilt will be hanging in the Sisters Quilt show in June if all goes well.

This r/w quilt is in the pile of quilts to be quilted. From a few years back.

A finish

I finished this hand pieced and hand quilted pillow over the weekend. It was block 1 from Material Obsession in Australia BOM last year. This was as far as I got so it became a pillow top. At 20" square I like it a lot.
this is the back.


sweet little house

I made a little house so I could test the pattern. Believe me. If you buy this pattern it's all good except the line across the roof section. In that section you have to add the 1/4 inch and almost paper piece it to make it work, be warned. You have to reinvent it yourself to make it work. Thanks to Paulette for letting me know and giving me the heads up so I didn't get angry. Other than that the pattern is stinkin cute! I am looking forward to making many more of these little darlings.


More New!

Lynette Anderson Designs in Australia has a few things on her website I couldn't live without. Here is button #1. I have a love of dogs and these buttons are so stinkin cute how could I not buy them?
Miss Lizzie couldn't be any cuter.
And the most darling of all.... This little carved girl with a yellow hat. I liked this one so much I bought one for my friend Pammy. Each one is completely different. If you haven't seen these seam rippers you have to go to her site now!
another view
and her close up
and both parts.



I shopped at Temecula Quilt Co. online and look what I bought! I have a serious addiction to old wooden yardsticks. This little 4" x 2" box is so stinking cute I can hardly contain myself. And they had this cutest ever pattern as well. I love houses in patterns. So it was a win win for me!

Here is my collection of yard sticks. Love them! I am waiting for the right project to use them. I just haven't come across it yet. The possibilities are endless.


A finish

I have had this lap quilt done except for the binding for a few weeks, so I found my Australian fabric and put the binding on. done!
This is the back. I bought a card table older tablecloth with an Australian map on it a few years back and used it as the center for the backing. I love it! And on the bottom left i decided to use some of the edges of the fabric with the names on it for fun.
Here is a close up.
And a close up of the vintage table cloth.


Fridays mail

Brought me this nice little kit from Joined at the hip. I had forgotten I even ordered it, so it was a bonus surprise.
And they sent along this free pattern!


An inexpensive kit

I get the connecting threads catalogs on a regular basis and do buy their thread. But I saw a kit that I hoped would get my quilt making juices flowing again so I ordered it. It was under $40 all said and done. The kit came in last night's mail. Here it is.
pattern, now lets hope it sparks that little part of me that says "lets piece"!