I received this cute little dog ornament from a nice woman at work yesterday.  cute!  And this nice bundle of American Banner Rose came in the mail yesterday.  I completely forgot I ordered it.  Merry Christmas to me

These blues from Blackbird designs,  Blueberry Crumb cake are going to become my next project.  I plan on making the pattern Swoon.  All 9 blocks the same.  I think it will be yummy. 


  1. Hey Lizzie That is one great bundle of fabric! I love the Blueberry Crumb Cake. All the same will be fabulous! We should get together after Christmas and sew. My poor Swoon is just not getting finished. Maybe it will if it sits next to yours! xo Pammy

  2. I love the Blueberry Crumb fabric. It's nice to get something in the mail you totally forgot about huh? :)