I got these two charm packs in the mail yesterday from the Fat Quarter shop. Time to start my Schnibbles Full House pattern. OMG, really, does anyone ever test these patterns?
The roof area has to be cut way back, and the door is shorter than the walls. So the directions (a puzzle at best) tell you to make it 5 x 6.5 (I think). Why doesn't the pattern just make the pieces the correct size to begin with. So I think I will just adjust the pattern so I don't have a lot of cutting off of things. Don't like Schnibbles patterns! Won't buy again.


  1. I have never heard of anyone saying that about a Schnibbles pattern. Your house is cute and the charm packs would make some nice scrappy houses. I made one schnibbles pattern called Picnic and it went together well except for the things I changed to my liking. Maybe try again?

  2. Those houses will be cute when you work out the problem.
    I'm working on the Raven pattern today. I hope you let me know any problems before it becomes someone else's problem. I'm counting on you to fix my bad language and type-os. Well more the pattern... I hope to get it to you soon. I'm not forcing this on you am I?

  3. Cute house! Will be fun to watch more of your houses being built. ;o)

  4. I feel bad. Here I talked up the pattern and you don't like it. Yes, the directions call for you to make the roof block bigger and trim down. Now, I'm not sure why your doors are smaller...hmmm??? I noticed your house panels still have pinked edges, Carrie has you trim those when you cut the rectangles. Maybe that's the problem??? The only time she doesn't have you trim off the pinked edges is if it doesn't matter. Hope you end up liking it better. It'll be super cute in those fabrics! :-)