New projects

A new pattern with a button included!
grrrrr, blogger. I turned the image before adding it and of course blogger didn't' take it. grrrrr. This is a new project I bought from Kathy Schmitz. Love her patterns.
And a 2nd pattern from her.
A retired friend from work stopped by the office yesterday and brought me this gift. yummmmm! Thank you Maggie!
I am a big fan of Sarah Richardson and all of her shows. The most recent being Sarah's Summer Cottage. This quilt was on her bed and I decided that was the next quilt I was going to make. Talk about surprised when I saw it on the cover of Country Living magazine. Bonus for me, now I don't have to do it from memory.


  1. I actually saw that episode of Sarah's house. I laughed when she complained about using red for her husband. But I loved the end results. I'm going to have to see if I can get me a copy.

  2. I bought the same magazine because I loved the quilt. Are we silly or what.

  3. Does anyone know where I can purchase a quilt like the one Sarah Richardson has on her master bed in her Lake Cottage? Or do you know the name of the pattern used in this quilt?