Tornadoes in California??? YEP

This picture was taken after the tornado's (x2) hit Durham CA. The storm was traveling east towards the foothills. I was standing on the road at the Oroville Afterbay with a lot of other people with cameras. Amazing sight for those of us that don't see tornado's.
This is where the tornado hit in our little town of Durham. Orchards. Almonds to be exact. Thousands of trees destroyed. One farmer lost over 3000 trees and it will take him probably 10 years to recover. On the news (bay area, because our news channel's are lame and don't give any information) they said that crop insurance didn't cover wind damage. Tragic.
Close up of downed trees. My house is less than a mile from this and closer as the crow flies.


  1. It makes me feel so badly for the orchard growers. Life is so topsy-turvy right now with the severe weather and earthquakes etc. No one is immune.

  2. How awful! We heard about it here in Oregon. How do they recover from that with no insurance? yikes!!

  3. I understand that the farmers will get crop insurance for this year , but not money to replace the trees and loss of crop for years forward until new trees produce. Your pix are really good! Enjoy your blog......I'm a Durham lady too.