Playing around

Yesterday on a fun blog, Material Obsession, I spotted a large hex quilt. something I had never even thought of. It was so darn cute I thought I would try it. So I put hexagon in google and found one and then made it big enough to fill a normal piece of paper. Then I just folded the fabric so I could cut them out at the same time and had a hexie. I never even measured it so have no idea of the size. I am not a wiz at those pesky y seams so I didn't finish sewing it together last night. But I think this size would make a very cute child's quilt. There maybe one in my grandchildren's future.


  1. Now someone tells me and I thought it was just my seams that looked so bad, can't see to well without my glasses, maybe it's time to pull the hexies out and try again. They been hiding for a good 10 yrs