Tornadoes in California??? YEP

This picture was taken after the tornado's (x2) hit Durham CA. The storm was traveling east towards the foothills. I was standing on the road at the Oroville Afterbay with a lot of other people with cameras. Amazing sight for those of us that don't see tornado's.
This is where the tornado hit in our little town of Durham. Orchards. Almonds to be exact. Thousands of trees destroyed. One farmer lost over 3000 trees and it will take him probably 10 years to recover. On the news (bay area, because our news channel's are lame and don't give any information) they said that crop insurance didn't cover wind damage. Tragic.
Close up of downed trees. My house is less than a mile from this and closer as the crow flies.


Playing around

Yesterday on a fun blog, Material Obsession, I spotted a large hex quilt. something I had never even thought of. It was so darn cute I thought I would try it. So I put hexagon in google and found one and then made it big enough to fill a normal piece of paper. Then I just folded the fabric so I could cut them out at the same time and had a hexie. I never even measured it so have no idea of the size. I am not a wiz at those pesky y seams so I didn't finish sewing it together last night. But I think this size would make a very cute child's quilt. There maybe one in my grandchildren's future.


The newest project

This is my palate from my brights
When my local quilt shop had it's going out of business 40% off sale I bought this.
New York Beauty foundation . I have always wanted to do a New York Beauty, why not use up some of that fabric and make a quilt?
Block 1 done.


Saturday's awsome tour of Gladding McBean

Saturday fellow blogger, Pammy and I went to Lincoln California to Gladding McBean. It is a pottery/clay company that has been in business since 1875 and is a true California historical wonder. They have a week of tours every year and a pottery exhibit called Feats of Clay.
This is the bus that takes you from the visitors center into Gladding McBean.
This was the band playing outside the visitors center.
This was our tour guide Victoria
The next images are things that are made at Gladding McBean. A lot of the items made are for use on the outside of large business buildings.

These are easels used to lift large heavy pieces that are in the process of being worked on.
Isn't that column in the background wonderful?

This is an old RCA monument.

These are the two types of Kilns.
And a beehive kiln
This is sewer pipe that is made and sitting on the lot. Because the building market has dried up in California and other places it sits there waiting.

This is a lamp post that is on a bridge somewhere. I can't remember, I think the tour guide said New Mexico. But I could be very wrong. Apparently they are all across a bridge.
Isn't the eagle wonderful?
And this is the logo for a men's store in SF CA

The tour is really wonderful. Gladding McBean is a historical treasure. If you are ever in the area this time of year I would highly recommend.


not much quilting going on in my world

I took my precious puppy "CLEO" (Cleopatra Queen of everything) to the park for a little Frisbee yesterday. She is an Australian Shepherd, you wouldn't know it to look at her because I get her shaved in the summer. She has no complaints. No fleas, no heat, no problem.


Getting ready for Sisters

This is a close up of the backside of one block.

This is the backside of the quilt laid out on the floor. I spent forever last night de-threading it before I take it to the quilters today. There has got to be a better way to keep the threads from being visible on the front side of the quilt. How do you keep the threads clean? Inquiry minds want to know.