Challenge Quilt done!

My challenge from Pammy was from this book.
a basket quilt.
I write all over my books, makes it easier for me to not have to read the entire section every time I have to look at the book.
Pile of finished 12.5 inch baskets. I believe Pammy is going to make a lot of 6" baskets. I just wasn't into making a lot of them. I settled on the 12 inch baskets so I could get it finished.
humm, in this configuration?
side settings done. Time to sew them all together.
humm, borders? Yep, this will work for me.
all sewn together and first border on
2nd border on
it's close up
outer border done
a close up
a 2nd close up. Cute pattern, I think they are kinda boring, but maybe in the future I will applique some flowers in them. Best part is the quilt top is done! (for now anyway)


  1. I love them! I'm waiting for some fabric to do some baskets too. I also was inspired by Pam's basket blocks.
    I love the red border, it really make the quilt sing. Love it!

  2. I love this quilt!! Just gorgeous!!

  3. Loving the striped handles! What fun.

  4. This is such a wonderful quilt top! I don't think boring...I think beautiful!