I shopped at Temecula Quilt Co. online and look what I bought! I have a serious addiction to old wooden yardsticks. This little 4" x 2" box is so stinking cute I can hardly contain myself. And they had this cutest ever pattern as well. I love houses in patterns. So it was a win win for me!

Here is my collection of yard sticks. Love them! I am waiting for the right project to use them. I just haven't come across it yet. The possibilities are endless.


  1. I love both your finds. I too would like to use old yard sticks, I just need THE perfect way.
    Take care...

  2. Love this pattern and am working on it right now! Three more to go! Check out my pattern review! http://sweetp-paulette.blogspot.com/2011/02/go-ahead-treat-me-like-moron.html I have never made school houses (or any houses) before so I had a heck of a time and the instructions weren't any help. If you experience the same thing let me know...I will pass on my wisdom! haha
    Take care! Can't wait to see your little guys!

  3. That box is stinkin' cute!!!!! (and the sweet pattern)! Great find!

  4. That shop is adorable, I would take one of everything.

  5. I never met anyone with a yardstick collection but it is certainly a good idea. I like the way you have yours displayed.