My Red and White Quilt show

This is my little red and white show. Please go to this site to see many more wonderful red and white quilts!. This little r/w quilt I started the day my daughter got married.

Red velvet pillow with white buttons
r/w small xmas quilt
My quilt ladder with 3 of 4 r/w quilts
r/w quilt on the table
r/w baby quilt

Beginning stages of a yet unfinished r/w quilt
r/w quilt from a few years back

small r/w small quilt
framed r/w small quilt
r/w small quilt
r/w unfinished quilt
r/w quilt that isn't quilted yet. This quilt will be hanging in the Sisters Quilt show in June if all goes well.

This r/w quilt is in the pile of quilts to be quilted. From a few years back.


  1. Love them all! I need to buckle down and do my own red and white quilt. They are so classic and beautiful.

  2. What a fantastic variety of red and white quilts! You got your own show right here!!!

  3. I enjoyed seeing your red & white quilts. Good variety and many more than I have made.

  4. Wow you have your own collection going on, thanks for sharing with us, they are fabulous. I have so many "wants' in the red & white category, I need to live to be 190!

  5. Aren't you the clever gal! Love your red and white quilts Lizzie! I better get cracking if I am gong to have even one done this year. Wish we were headed to NYC !!! But you've made a happy little quilt show right in my virtual backyard! xo Pammy

  6. Wow! What a collection and I can't wait to see your submission for the Sisters show when it is quilted. Good luck getting it done.

  7. I like that "r/w quilt from a few years back." Can't wait to see your Sisters quilt all quilted!