I finished reading this book. Interesting, but in my opinion not as good as her other books. Falling Angels was my very favorite.
And I received this package in the mail from The Sisters Outdoor Quilt show. I entered their block challenge. No clue what I am going to do yet. But it should be fun.


Slowly getting back into it

I found this free pattern at Primitive Patterns free patterns. They have a lot of free patterns to choose from and I thought it would be good for me to get back into quilting by just doing something. I have always loved the look of the willow tree in patterns so I thought I would just do it. The fabric is linen from an old linen shirt.


a little something

I used a few 4 patches and put together this little quilt. Didn't even measure it yet. The 4 patches have 2" squares and are 4" finished square. So that gives you a better idea of what the size it. At least I am doing something. Looking for a car is a daunting task and is taking a lot of energy.


New edition to my addiction to quilt books

This wonderful book came in the mail yesterday. love it!
And this new calendar as well, I never got around to buying one before the new year. I have been absent lately, I am looking for a new vehicle and oh what a job that is on a limited budget. all my free time is spent driving around the North State looking at used cars. It is exhausting, as well as sad. Prices for cars are ridiculous. Plus I am getting grief from my aging parents as to what I should do. OMG, does it put a strain on daily life. I will spare you the drama, I only wish I could spare myself. Anyway at some point I want to have time to actually get back into quilting.


Gifts in the mail

Just before Christmas I won these wonderful little gems from Blackbird designs. They are a new line of fabric not even released yet. (as far as I know). Called Antique fair and I love, love love this fabric. Now to figure out how to use these little gems. Does anyone have a pattern for 2.5 inch squares? Thank you Blackbird Designs for the wonderful gift!


The gift

My friend Pammy gave me this wonderful quilt for Christmas. I love it so much. Isn't it grand! The xmas stuff is put away all except for the quilt as of today. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!