One leaf done

the first leaf is completed.
from this tree.


My Pomegranate tree

These nice Pomegranate's are getting close to being ripe. Aren't they pretty?
This is the tree. The orchard in the background is a walnut orchard, that is getting close to being harvested, another week or two. On the left of this tree is a Fig tree that is loaded with yummy figs.


The latest finished project

sideways, (sorry) The image from the Internet I loved and decided to make a version of.
The background
the background, the image I loosely used as a guide plus the jelly roll all laying on my ironing board
jelly rolls sewn together, cutting to put into 4 patches
slicing the background to the same size as the 4 patches
all laid out on the floor ready to sew
laying it out
strips sewn together
Quilt done!!! ta da!!! I am happy to report that this year I have made a significant dent in my "to do " pile. Now I have a whole bin of tops to start getting quilted.


I've discovered

the hardest part is starting. where do I start????


New Project

I am now a member of this group
inspired by this book

this is the beginning of my new project. I have not done this type of work since 2002. This is all wool. yummm
When I first started feeling confident about quilting I entered a challenge at the local quilt shop. (Honey Run Quilters in Chico CA) They gave us some pretty bad fabric and challenged us to do something worthy. This was my entry. I thought it was great. I didn't win. oh well. I still like it as it took me many hours to complete and I learned a lot about the stitches. This is all cotton.
Here is the label
a close up of a single block
another block
and another.


Forgotten blocks

Long ago I made a quilt using these fabrics and the extra blocks got put in a plastic bin. This weekend I found them and made them into a small quilt .
It is now in the bin of tops to quilt.



My DIL and grandson came by to visit last night. This is the cutest little guy ever, but I am a bit biased. Say hi to Jack, he turned 1 in July!


Book Day

A recent purchase. Love Love Love this book, can't get enough of Sue Spargo!
And I am now addicted to wool. I plan on doing some fun projects in the coming months.
Just finished reading this book. Lovely, her writing is like her speaking. You can hear her voice. It is a delightful book.


Whirlygig by Sue Ross

I didn't get a picture of this when it was two pieces, oops. It is now one and all hand pieced and it lays flat!
Now it is appliqued to the background as well. This is a Sue Ross BOM from last year. It was over my head at the time so I stopped. I only bought 3 or 4 of the month's blocks. So maybe I will find the other ones and try again. The BOM came from the quilt shop in Australia called Material Obsession.
Because I have to have hand work to do I got this top all ironed, de-threaded and ready to hand quilt.


1 leaf done and a new start

Leaf #1 completed. In my tree small quilt.

I know I have started this before but I am now making the blocks. I have done the math and now need to power through the quilt top.



I am going to use these leaves to practice the Sue Spargo style of leaves. Here I was trying to figure out where to put them. The leaves are wool and the tree and background are fabric.
total tree with background.


A new beginnning

Here is the beginning of my next project. Not a great image as it was quite dark last night. Stay tuned to see what I am up to.
And Banana bread. yummmmmmm


Spiral Strips quilt done!

Here is the book
Here is the page within the book
here is a close up of what the author made
and here are two views of my finished quilt in my yard.
I altered it a little bit to give more interest to the borders. It is a pretty small quilt, at 60" square. The fabric was a jelly roll of Harvest Home. I still have a significant amount of squares that will go on the back.


A weekend finish

Here it is on the cover of the book
and within the book
here are my 64 appliqued squares
my attempt at being artsy showing my quilt
a 2nd attempt
through the tomato cage
and finally, hanging on the clothesline for a good shot of the entire quilt. If I had to do it over the only thing I would change is making the squares bigger and cutting them down when all done to make the points all match. Other than that I am happy with the finished product.