Saturday's finish

This is what I see when I look out my kitchen window. A little area of shady plants. It was 10:30 am when I took this picture. note the temp. I was done working in the yard at noon and had to take a shower I was so sweaty.
These are my BOM blocks from Thimblecreek Quilt shop. I wrote them an e-mail to ask what the finished product is supposed to look like since it wasn't included in the last mailing. The e-mail I got back said that "oops, he forgot and didn't take a picture of his finished quilt that is now at the quilter and will send an image to all the people that participated in the BOM as soon as it is done". Hello, shouldn't that be a part of any BOM? I don't know about you but I do not read minds. No more BOM's for me unless they are spelled out and a finished image is included. The reason I had the blocks laying on the floor is because I was trying to figure out how to put them together and finally just gave up as it was to much work and I wasn't into work.


My Stash

This is what I have now as a stash. 13 bins. I have been on a stash diet and doing very well. one of the bins is full of tops completed and one is full of patterns. so really, there are only 11 with fabric in them. My goal is to use it up! really, I am tired of the storage issues that come with all of that fabric. As I go through the bins and see exactly what I have it is rather sad. What compelled me to buy so much and hoard it? Time to use it or lose it!


Another finish

On the weekend I started making these pillow shams and finished them last night.

Love that Valorie Wells fabric!


Very Busy Weekend

A favorite from this book,
in the foreground

I started with 4 blocks. I am using up fabric from my stash. The finished quilt of 30 squares will have all different Kaffee fabrics.

And from this book. I made a little something for a very good friend. Pammy here is your first glimpse of your gift.

A pin cushion.

I used this book to figure out how I was going to use my BOM squares from the Fat Quarter Shop.

This is the setting I settled on. It is done and ready to go to the quilters

Plus I used up the veggie and fruit fabric I had in storage. I made 6 place mats and in the beginning I thought I would use the Nancy Crow style but decided to just have fun and try not to match anything. I like the way they are all random.

And with big chunks of fabric I made 4 cloth napkins. Then used some of that fabric to make pot holders.

Here is a naked window in a hallway before

And here is a new curtain I made with fabric from my stash!

And the naked bathroom window now has a curtain as well. Here is the before...

and here is the after

and a close up of the curtain. I love brown! I think it is my favorite color. The walls in the bathroom are pink (yuck). The landlord said he will paint the walls a neutral color at some point so I am banking on that.


I finished my pillow!

I used embroidery thread to quilt this huge flower and I love the results.


New book in the mail

I love all things Kathy Schmitz! This is her new book and it sure is nice. So far (it didn't take long) I have made one little monogram. I will take a picture of it when I get it made into a pin cushion.


Playing catch up

Does this little play house bring back any memories? Boy it sure did for me when I saw it in an antique store. The one I had was completely made of metal. The store sold this as a 1960's doll house but as I was cleaning it I saw the date on the side and it was 1974. Still cute as ever and is my granddaughter's birthday present. It will remain at my house so when she comes to visit she has something to play with to spark her imagination.
This is the inside. Now I can search antique stores for the missing furniture.

I decided to do a little project last night. Somewhere on a blog yesterday I saw a flower that was similar to this one. So when I got home I searched my books and thought that I had a pattern in a Gwen Marston book. But I couldn't find it so I settled on this book.

Here is the page open to the flower.

And here is my version. In this image I had not finished one petal. But it is now completed.

Here is the completed flower. I used up most of my 30's scraps. And the little red dots in the center are yo yo's put on so the back is the front. This way it gives it a poof without having to stuff it. I plan on finishing it as a pillow and use embroidery thread to quilt it. It was fun and only took one evening in front of the tv.

Here is the beginning of my next project. 30 kaffee fabrics, 30 sheets of triangle paper. Kind of a daunting beginning. That is a lot of half square triangles. The pattern is so cute, I have wanted to do it for as many years as I have been quilting.

Here is the book the pattern is in...

Here is the quilt on the back of the chair in the foreground. Kind of reminds me of pack man. Wish me luck on this one. That is 480 half square triangles. yuck. But I think the end product will be well worth the pain.


All the quilting I did on the weekend

Well, I didn't really do any quilting, I did a lot of thinking about quilting. I finished my 12 month BOM from The Fat Quarter shop a few weeks ago and it was a great experience. But the finishing step ($$)is more than I can afford. Which is sad but true. I work for the state of California and we are furloughed. So no more buying power from me. I owe, I owe as the saying goes. Anyway, I got out all of my scraps from the blocks and thought about how I was going to put those 12 blocks together. I am thinking that the middle will be an applique block where the medallion is on the finished kit BOM. I have some of the pretty green I was saving for something else. Oh well, we have to do what we have to do.


My win arrives all the way from Australia!

Here is the package I received on Friday.

And here are the contents. 2 beautiful fat quarters and 5 DVD's from the Australian Patchwork and Quilting. I won these wonderful items from Christine of Once upon a quilt. Thank you again Christine, a lovely gift indeed! Go over and check out her blog it is very nice!



Now that Fine Living channel has changed to the Cooking network where do we find decorating shows? I am stumped, HGTV seems to be owned by the real estate people with nothing but buying and selling homes and now the other ones are just cooking. I need a decorating fix. help me figure out where to find those great shows and Fons and Porter isn't showing up on my listing for Saturday anymore. Are they gone as well?