Goodies I bought at the quilt show

This was my deal of the day. 98 DMC for $2.00. They had a big bin of them and it was 48 for a $1.00.

And to help the guild out I bought this book. $2.00 wasn't bad.

Weekend Quilt Show

All of these lovely quilts were on display over the weekend at the Yuba City California Quilt Show. It was very nice.

Goodies in the mail

I received a very nice package from The Fat Quarter shop. I am really drawn to the style of Sue Spargo and so I thought I would buy some velvet rick rac. sorry about the picture, I would turn it correctly if I knew how. The star is a wonderful panel with Eagles on it and it was a complete steal. Check out their specials. Great stuff!


A couple of finishes and a work in progress

I love this book! By Renee Plains, the next one on my list is the little bird on linen in the picture on the right side with the wording "bird". Hoping to start that tonight.
I started to hand quilt this little gem last night. It is a pattern from the above book.

The little brown pin keep is also a pattern from this wonderful book. The other pattern is from a magazine from long ago.

And this Happy Easter stitchery I ironed on to Timtex and finished it with zig zag along the edges so I can just lean it up against anything and it will stand. It is a free pattern from Kaaren of the Painted Quilt. This pattern is fast and easy and cute to boot! Go and check it out.



A couple of days ago I showed a small little stitchery that I had gotten online. I had forgotten where. I am so sorry to the designer for not properly giving credit where credit is due. Kaaren of the Painted Quilt has a once a month freebie, go and check it out! Thank you Kaaren for the nice little pattern. It was fun to make! Since this photo I have ironed the piece and am thinking about putting it in a frame.

BOM's in the mail

My least favorite BOM came in the mail last night. The Civil War Fat Quarter Club from Thimble Creek Quilters in the Bay Area CA. They don't have good patterns. They never label anything so making the pattern is a chore. 10 months in and I have done 8 so far. I just don't have the time or energy to figure out a pattern every time it comes in the mail. Won't do that one again. Would not reccomend to others unless you like figuring out a pattern every time. And then there is the next one.....
I would re-sign up for this BOM in a heart beat. The Fat Quarter Shop BOM. Wonderful beyond words. One block, ample fabric, A WONDERFUL pattern, clearly marked and with directions for every step. I actually look forward to receiving the package and doing the block.


Wonderful sewing weekend

I finished my table runner, the image is dark but the runner is good. I am happy how it turned out.

another view.

My light box. This is my next new project. A Kathy Schmitz stitchery. I will show progress as I work on it. The pattern is called Harvest Home.

A sweet little stitchery that I found free on line. I am sorry but can't find the pattern right now to give credit where credit is due.

I love this book!

And decided to make something out of it.

My version, I ran out of brown floss so one limb is not done yet. And I still have to finish off the borders and quilt it. I love it!

Then inside the book is a cute little pin cushion. I decided I would give it a try. I just need to get some stuffing and embellish and call it done!

This little pattern I have had around for a very long time. I just need to embellish it and then finish it off as a pin keep. I had fun this weekend with my wool stash and hope to make something soon using the ideas of Sue Spargo.


Goodies in the mail

I received a very nice package from Kathy Schmitz. I ordered two new patterns from her and she sent me a nice little bonus! The two patterns are Harvest Home and Peace and Plenty. The bonus gifts are the nice little book seen with the chair and quilt on it. The inside pages are graph paper and next to the little book is a cute little package of book plates. They have the cutest little house on them. And since I am a bibliophile they will come in very handy! Thank you Kathy Schmitz! Go over and check out her web site and take a look at her wonderful patterns. Today I am going to start one of the two patterns.
The cutest little book ever!

Harvest Home, ahhhh to live in a place like that, yummy

Peace and Plenty. Love it!


Applique class at Honey Run

This was my small class at the Honey Run Quilters Classroom. The teacher (bending over) is Karen Ottoboni. I learned so much about Applique! It was a great class. I have done applique before but without any training, so it was by hit and miss. I did ok but now I have a bit more knowledge. I am a happy camper.
We learned about how to do the points, the cleavage (as the instructor called it) and turns. Then we learned how to do a vine and a circle. Oh, so much fun!


New Book

Off center picture but a GREAT book! Hope to soon have some time to actually make a few of the goodies inside.


Started to hand Quilt

I started to hand quilt my Easter Table Runner. Almost finished it last night. Probably won't be doing much sewing in the near future. I am in the process of looking for a place to live and packing boxes. I hope to have a place soon and start again! Lizzie


A Stitchery finish

This is a Kathy Schmitz stitchery. It took a while to finish but I really like the finished product. I haven't figured out exactly how I am going to use it yet but I have some ideas.


New book

This lovely book made it home with me yesterday. It is very nice. Looking forward to having some time on the weekend to actually read parts of it.



A View of Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta, close to my home. The Sacramento Valley was really beautiful this past weekend.
The table runner I have been working on recently. I decided I had better get it put together and start to hand quilt or it won't be done by Easter.

This is a close up of the center

And this was a source of frustration over the weekend. This is my BOM from Thimblecreek Quilt shop. I spent so much time trying to figure out which ones were A, B and C that I did not enjoy the sewing at all. Why don't pattern makers add the simple things? Isn't that what pattern making is all about , having an enjoyable time? I have meet Joe at a quilt show last summer and he is very nice. But his patterns are bad. The letters you see written on the pattern are mine. There were none there. Each BOM comes with 4 FQ's so that each block can be completely different. I was so frustrated by the time I finished figuring out the pattern I decided they would all be the same. I just wasn't in any mood to do it 4 times different.

This is a free pattern I found on line. cute stitchery.

This is it finished. I needed to do do the beehive a little darker, not enought contrast but oh well. I can easily do a 2nd one.