I am honored!

These are the three quilts (amigos)I have made from a favorite pattern. The pattern is called Between Friends and can be found here. The writer of the pattern is Darlene of Quilting Daze fame. Please go and visit her blog and see the nice things she wrote about me. I am humbled and excited to see that I did her pattern justice. Thank you Darlene and the folks that wrote nice comments about my quilts!

Challenge Done!

I finished my challenge quilt! yippeeeeeee
another view

on the rack... I am waiting to see if I want to add a border or two. But for now Challenge done!!!


99 blocks put together!

I finished the major portion of the challenge quilt. I am liking this quilt more and more.
These are the border blocks that will be sewn together and put on the quilt tonight. Then it will be completed as the pattern is written. I still may add a border later on.


99 blocks done!

tonight I will make them into a quilt top! I will make the challenge deadline!


32 blocks done

I worked on the blocks last night until I was to tired to match seams and got 32 of the red blocks done.


Red and white snowball challenge update

Leftovers again is the name of the challenge I am doing along with Nicole of Sisters Choice blog fame. I had great intentions to get it done over xmas but never even gave it a thought. So since it is due this week I decided to start the challenge. There are a lot of little pieces and 480 half square triangles. eekkkk. All done and ready to start putting the blocks together.

on your mark, get set... sew...

I also started this nice pattern over the weekend before I realized it was crunch time for the challenger quilt.

And I thought I would share my finished Gail Pan embroidery quilt.

Here is a close up. I used cosmo embroidery thread to quilt it and I like the feel of the quilt. So away it goes in the xmas boxes until next year.


Part of a tree down

This is a messy back yard after 55-60 mph winds. Plus one large part of a tree resting on another tree and leaning on the house power lines. Not a good thing... plus our house heater went out! lucky for us we have some space heaters as backup.
On a positive note I have decided what project to start. I will be using Alliance by Howard Marcus to make a 4 patch quilt.


4 day weekend finishes

From the new French General line.... a finish! The pattern is from Quilting Daze and called the Friendship Quilt. The image was taken last night just before 8 pm and it was a lot dark. I will take a new image when it is all quilted. This is my 3rd quilt using this pattern and I just love it.

And a close up of a corner

I got the new Fat Quarter shop BOM in the mail and finished it up asap. I liked this one the best so far. It was fast and easy


From this magazine I started a stitchery project...

here it is in the beginning stages. the pattern did not include all of the x's around the pattern and I just couldn't figure out the math so I opted out of x's and just made it square.

Here is the finished product.

Yesterday I went to lunch at a friends house and decided to make her a bookmark as a quick gift.

And I finally decided to finish this cute little book for my grand kids.


What I am working on

A Gail Pan BOM last year. I got the batting and backing together last night and am starting to hand quilt it using embroidery thread. 2 blocks done and 7 to go...

A block from this magazine in the beginning stages.
I changed the pattern because I didn't like the way the little x's on the pattern were only partially written.


A win!

For my first post on this blog I would like to share what I won. During the December Bunny hop I found all of the bunnies and was entered in the draw. Around Xmas I was notified that I had won a $10 gift certificate to StudioKat Designs. So I went to their website and choose this purse insert. It came in the mail last night and I think it is very nice. Thank you fab shop hop!


Quilting in the state of my nativity

Used to be my blog. It is still there but this blog is new and improved. Like they say in the commericals.... but wait.. there's more.....

Newest Blog

It seems that I really messed up with my last blog and updated it so that I did not have any layout options. which made it very unfriendly and kind of took the fun out of blogging. So I decided to stay in the loop of things by simply starting a new blog. So here it is! I will start posting on this blog soon. I have a few quilty things in the works now and can't wait to start posting images! Thank you for coming back and following along with my quilting life.