ideas please

I own one of these and I think it is awesome, it is a reproduction bottle drying rack. Intended to hang bottles upside down on to dry. Well mine sits in a space above my living room on one of those shelves built into the room. There is nothing on it. my question is.... should you accept. What would you put on it for xmas decoration? The prongs are about 3 inches long. I would love to put ornaments of some sort on them but how? I need some creative people to help me out here. Thanks in advance! Lizzie


  1. Wind some garland around it. Then hang handmade wool ornaments. Or button strings. Or metal cookie cutters on strings.

  2. Pine cones with glitter would be cute.

  3. Mary Lou Weidman had bottle trees in her summer garden. She puts blue glass bottles and then vines grow around them. Check out her blog from the summer.

    You could put a plant in the centre to grow around the bottles, it would be pretty if you got a flowering vine style of plant.

    Let us know what you do