Thanksgiving day in Half Moon Bay

My dad and I took a little drive on Thanksgiving day while the turkey was cooking. Here is where we ended up. Half Moon Bay California. It was a picture perfect day.

If you look carefully in the distance you can see (25 miles away) the Farallon Islands.
One lone sail boat enjoying the day



I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving week. I will be taking vacation and going to Palo Alto to visit my parents. I will be back on Monday the 29th of November. Happy Turkey Day to all!!!


And there was much rejoicing

I started this quilt on Monday evening after work
Could only work on it a little bit on Tuesday evening
And Wednesday evening at 10:22 P.M. I finished it!!!!!!! It is about 57-58 inches square. Of course I had all the lights in the house on but the pictures are still a little dark. And there was much rejoicing!


A new start

From this book
This pattern (grrrr blogger)
this is the quilt
And this is my center. I am using the fabric line Full Sun by Willowberry Lane and Maywood Studio. I started collecting this line about 2 years ago and have finally found a quilt to make with it. My border is going to be different fabrics from the line. I hope to have it finished by Friday.


ideas please

I own one of these and I think it is awesome, it is a reproduction bottle drying rack. Intended to hang bottles upside down on to dry. Well mine sits in a space above my living room on one of those shelves built into the room. There is nothing on it. my question is.... should you accept. What would you put on it for xmas decoration? The prongs are about 3 inches long. I would love to put ornaments of some sort on them but how? I need some creative people to help me out here. Thanks in advance! Lizzie

Continuing progress

I have been working on this a bit. One day at a time.


A finish

I used left over blocks from a long ago quilt and made this 48" square quilt with flannel backing for my dog. She is pretty special and now she has her own quilt.


another starter project

I plan on starting alot of projects in the next few weeks so I will have hand work ready to go over Thanksgiving vacation. Here is yet another. Lots of plans for this one. There will be flowers as well.


My newest project

from this book
this pattern
this beginning.


Tonye Belinda Phillips class on Saturday

Here is Tonye and Pammy, with a quilt that Tonye made inspired by Pammy! Each one of those basket handles is appliqued and they are so tiny!
This is a teaser picture. Tonye is doing a whole series on houses and they are soooooooooo cute! This is one many. Please go to Tonye's web site and check out her wonderful quilts!
ahhhh, so nice
Tonye's basket quilt from the book...
Pam's smaller version
This image has mine on the far left top, then Tonye's on the right top and Pammy's on the bottom.
In the class we practiced needle turn applique and these were our sample blocks. Mine is the blue on the bottom with the peace sign in the middle. A fun day was had by all!


Tonye Belinda Phillips!

The guest speaker at Annie's Star Quilt Guild in Chico CA was Tonye Belinda Phillips. This is an image from her 1st book and the quilts in the book are to follow. she is currently working on book #2, and according to her it will be about houses. Some of those quilts are included in her trunk show and are they great! Enjoy the following images. Note that the lighting in our hall is very bad for pictures so take that with a grain of salt and imagine the quilts bright and beautiful. If you decide you need this book in your collection here is the link on Amazon.

This particular quilt of little baskets Tonye says was inspired by my friend Pam from Library Gal Quilts. She and Tonye have been friends for a couple of years now. Isn't it so, so, so cute!