Decided to give it a try

I have owned this pattern for some time and decided to open the package and give it a try. It is not the type of pattern I can easily make. All words and no pictures. I like easy concise directions. Althought this pattern is not a bad pattern it isn't easy for me to do. So I just did my own thing and made a basket from scraps that are approx. the same style and size and I didn't piece the background, I appliqued the basket onto the background. I did use the handle pattern. Didn't notice until I looked at the picture that I gotten it off center. So I will either fix it or put an applique flower over the top of it and call it good. That is if i decide to use this basket for anything.


  1. I think your basket has a very prim style look and is just fine. I like it.

  2. I'm with you, give me LOTS of pictures, diagrams, lots of measurements with pictures...over kill...treat me like a moron!! I love patterns that are crystal clear...!! Thanks I needed that!!;O)

  3. I like that basket...so prim...so fun!!