A finish

I finished my candle mat. Love it! All that is left is the sewing on the outside. The beading went very fast.

The walnuts in the field next to my house are being harvested. I love fall!


Book club books!

I join Crafters Choice Book club every couple of years and decided last week to join again. Boy am I a happy camper. Here are 4 of the 5 books I ordered.
I have wanted one of Tone Finnangers books for a long time and was unable to find any. It is a wonderful book, so many great projects
Here is one of the lovely pages
and another
and another
and one more.... then the next book. yummmmmmy
Lynette Anderson from Australia!
here is a sample
and this cute quilt. there are lots of cat projects but I am a dog lover.
And I love Judith Baker Montano and this is her newest flip book. I love how it sits on the table and you can easily see the stitch examples.
here is one page
and this is the way it works. brilliant!


One weekend project finished

Flannel baby blankets for a friend who is a new grandma to a little girl! all done and ready to go.


Started my new wool project

Now I just need to buy some green wool for the trees and some smaller beads. But I am having some car problems so no trip to Jo Anns today.


New pattern

Looking forward to working on this nice new pattern I bought from Cath's Pennies, Penny rug designs. Go on over and check out her CUTE designs for all seasons.


Decided to give it a try

I have owned this pattern for some time and decided to open the package and give it a try. It is not the type of pattern I can easily make. All words and no pictures. I like easy concise directions. Althought this pattern is not a bad pattern it isn't easy for me to do. So I just did my own thing and made a basket from scraps that are approx. the same style and size and I didn't piece the background, I appliqued the basket onto the background. I did use the handle pattern. Didn't notice until I looked at the picture that I gotten it off center. So I will either fix it or put an applique flower over the top of it and call it good. That is if i decide to use this basket for anything.


Wool project

This is the beginning of my wool project. I had made it so big that I didn't like it. Last night I chopped it up and made it 7" square. I think I like it better now and I can get started on it.


Give Away!

Just a heads up ladies, go to Library Gal Quilts for a truly great giveaway! Here is the url, spread the word! Lizzie

Let the hand quilting begin

I got my Civil War quilt all ready to hand quilt last night. I even got started on it!


A real splurge

A new book from Superbuzzy In Ventura CA. I have wanted this book for so long. I am very happy to have found a place that sells Japanese quilting related items.
Blogger really needs to create a way for us to turn images. grrr, so tilt your head and check out two of the inside pages.


Ta Da...

A finish! It is not ironed or squared up yet, that will be a weekend project. I will start to hand quilt this little gem. I like it a lot.


The next step

The next row is background. I like the way it looks.
The beginning of the outside border, side #1. I like the way this is looking so far.


A new begininning, well sort of

Civil War blocks from the bad BOM, trying to decide what in the world to make with them
then I decided that I didn't have to use them all at once. (light bulb moment)
And while looking in this book..
I came across this quilt, which gave me an idea.
So I made this. I don't think it is done yet. maybe one more round of little blocks. Now for the math. yuck.


Another finished Quilt

From this cover
to these directions
to these blocks
to this hand quilted top
to the binding being on
and the quilt being hung
I am quite happy with this quilt. Not perfect but mine. Doing the happy dance here...


Civil War BOM

I made 34 of the 40 or so of the BOM. Here they are all laid out on the floor as I was trying to figure out what in the world to do with them. They all are 6.5 inches.
Here is what the finished quilt is designed to look like.
Here is where it is from. Mine is not going to look like the above quilt. Worst BOM ever. I just have to figure out what to do with them. Time to use them and not just store them. decisions, decisions.