A weekend finish

Here it is on the cover of the book
and within the book
here are my 64 appliqued squares
my attempt at being artsy showing my quilt
a 2nd attempt
through the tomato cage
and finally, hanging on the clothesline for a good shot of the entire quilt. If I had to do it over the only thing I would change is making the squares bigger and cutting them down when all done to make the points all match. Other than that I am happy with the finished product.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! LOVE it!

  2. I love it just the way it is! This pattern looks as if you can make homey or fancy, just by the fabrics. These were all appliqued, aren't they? If I didn't have so many things going, I would make this out of my scraps. I'll keep this in the back of my mind for a "some day" quilt. Remind me, OK?

  3. I was going to start one of these quilts. Was going to is all that has happened. Your artsy photograph turned out good. I wish I had taken time to make one of those quilts. Someday.

  4. Lovely ... just lovely!

    You have a good tip about cutting the blocks down.