New Project

I am now a member of this group
inspired by this book

this is the beginning of my new project. I have not done this type of work since 2002. This is all wool. yummm
When I first started feeling confident about quilting I entered a challenge at the local quilt shop. (Honey Run Quilters in Chico CA) They gave us some pretty bad fabric and challenged us to do something worthy. This was my entry. I thought it was great. I didn't win. oh well. I still like it as it took me many hours to complete and I learned a lot about the stitches. This is all cotton.
Here is the label
a close up of a single block
another block
and another.


  1. very pretty Liz, I love it. Have you turned it into a wall hanging? Elaine

  2. It's beautiful and you did win, you finished it. What a lovely label, well done.

  3. I'd say you are well prepared to do the Crazy Wool quilt!
    Your cotton crazy is a blue ribbon winner in my eyes!