My Pomegranate tree

These nice Pomegranate's are getting close to being ripe. Aren't they pretty?
This is the tree. The orchard in the background is a walnut orchard, that is getting close to being harvested, another week or two. On the left of this tree is a Fig tree that is loaded with yummy figs.


  1. Pomegranates on my AZ tree look about the same now. My first tree planted last year and it is covered with fruit. I guess they are ripe when all red and skin is kinda leathery? I'll have to look at ones in grocery store- LOL.

  2. I'm soooo jealous of those pomegranates. We can't grow them over here in Pennsylvania. They're expensive at the grocery store but I still buy them just because they're so good.

  3. Wondering if you know which pomegranate this is? I have the "Wonderful" which grows as a bush, but would love one that is more of a tree like yours.
    Thanks -