The latest finished project

sideways, (sorry) The image from the Internet I loved and decided to make a version of.
The background
the background, the image I loosely used as a guide plus the jelly roll all laying on my ironing board
jelly rolls sewn together, cutting to put into 4 patches
slicing the background to the same size as the 4 patches
all laid out on the floor ready to sew
laying it out
strips sewn together
Quilt done!!! ta da!!! I am happy to report that this year I have made a significant dent in my "to do " pile. Now I have a whole bin of tops to start getting quilted.


  1. You are so fast! Another quilt top in a weekend. I love the colors and the simplicity. I agree, Bravo!

  2. Wow! Love the background fabric. It really pops the 4-patches.

  3. You are one dedicated and speedy quilter Lizzie! xo Pammy