Friday's class with Rachael Clark!

Rachael Clark was at the Annie's Star Quilt Guild meeting last Thursday evening and what a great show she put on. Wow, her wearable art is really wonderful. Please check out her website here. I was lucky enough to be in her class last Friday and she showed us how to do wonky stars and draft our own pin wheels.
These two quilts are her class samples.

These are some of the students stars

Here she is helping Missie look at color options.
And the blue ones on the board are mine!
Here is a before it is done
and another...
And the finished product. I am happy for the experience of attending the class! Thanks Rachael!


  1. I love Rachel Clarke! I only wish I had her talent and artristy. You are a lucky dog to get to work with her, wow! Have fun, Elaine

  2. That's Wonderful! It looks as if you had a great time. And a Beautiful finish!