Today's updates

I love Kathleen Tracy's book and decided to make the quilt on the cover.
Here is the open page and the little lunch box I cart around my small applique projects in.
Blogger has made it impossible to turn this image so imagine it turned. This is the inside of my little lunch box and my unfinished pieces.
This is how many I have completed to date.
And this is the other quilt that is almost done. I just need to get some border fabric. Here is the book.
thanks blogger ... (grrr) and here is the page within the book with the name of the pattern.
And image with the border on the quilt.
And my finished (except for the border) quilt.


  1. Yours is still better. Maybe it's just the fabrics, but I like yours much better. The orange peels are going to be great. Again, good colors.

  2. I love Kathleen's cover quilt too...and one day I will make it. Yours is coming along great...I love your fabrics.