The next project

I love this book! And I love the quilt on the cover. What better than to start a new project doing something I will love and using scraps!
blogger just won't cooperate today and let me make this image upright. But no worries, you get the idea.
And again, you get the idea, there is the fabric I found in my stash I thought I would use for the borders. perfect!
Here are a few of the blocks I have started doing.


  1. This new one is going to look fantastic! Keep us posted. WE all need to live through someone else's finishes. I'm moving so slow these days.

  2. We both love this book! I want to make it also...but when! Great start Lizzie...I imagine you will have it all whipped up by Monday or some such craziness! xo Pammy

  3. I love that quilt. It will be a fun scrappy one after your red and white.