A finish and a beginning

This is a kathy Schmitz stitchery that I have finished. Her pattern calls for a lot of little dots in the corners and on the trees. I haven't decided if I want them yet or not. I love her patterns!
And this is the beginning of my red and white quilt top (as seen on Sarah's House) I am beginning with using up my white muslin scraps. 380 pieces in all of white. Tonight the red!


  1. Darling stitchery. You do very nice work.

  2. Hi, I just do the begining of that nice red and white quilt that I love too. I always wanted to do something similar and now I have found you and what color exactly are you using. Well, I like the same red color like you but wiich is the difference between the muslin and the kona red fabric you are using ? I have to buy both color and I don´t know if choose both by Kona or similar like you.
    I haven´t seen that muslin here in Spain and I don´t know what is better.
    Please can you tell me how many yards are you using for the white.
    I invite you to visit my blog too.
    You can aswer to mercedesjc@gmail.com if you want.
    Nice to meet you , so far but so near doing quilting