Today's updates

I love Kathleen Tracy's book and decided to make the quilt on the cover.
Here is the open page and the little lunch box I cart around my small applique projects in.
Blogger has made it impossible to turn this image so imagine it turned. This is the inside of my little lunch box and my unfinished pieces.
This is how many I have completed to date.
And this is the other quilt that is almost done. I just need to get some border fabric. Here is the book.
thanks blogger ... (grrr) and here is the page within the book with the name of the pattern.
And image with the border on the quilt.
And my finished (except for the border) quilt.


Harvest Home jelly roll

I ran across this jelly roll on the weekend and decided to use it.
A pattern in this book
turned into these blocks
which are now this..... I just need a border because it finished at 45" square. I also started a few things on the weekend. More tomorrow.


The next project

I love this book! And I love the quilt on the cover. What better than to start a new project doing something I will love and using scraps!
blogger just won't cooperate today and let me make this image upright. But no worries, you get the idea.
And again, you get the idea, there is the fabric I found in my stash I thought I would use for the borders. perfect!
Here are a few of the blocks I have started doing.


Red and white ... DONE!!

Blocks before a trim
blocks after a trim

blocks put together
Quilt top done!


Proof positive the circus did come through town yesterday

As I was leaving Gridley CA yesterday about 7 pm I had to stop for the train. Yep, the entire train was Barnum and Bailey Circus. Says it all, circus, full moon, and all the other things going on!
And this morning I got back on track. Block 1 of 20 to get ironed and squared up. I am looking forward to spending time getting this quilt done.



Here was my ironing board during my daughters last leg of her trip. Mommy mapquest for sure. I like the idea of having a network of safe places to go in case of emergency but haven't figured out yet how it would be done. Still working on ideas. My daughter got home safe and sound. whewww. The end of the week she will be headed in the opposite direction. From Northern California to Little Rock Arkansas via HWY 40.
Back to my red and white quilt.

almost done
yea, the 20 blocks are done! Now the next step, iron, trim off any threads, and square them up. Then I can put the blocks together! I am thinking of using embroidery thread to quilt this quilt. Any comments on how it bleeds? Red on the red and white on the white.


Does anyone know???

I was thinking while my daughter was on the road across this fine country, how scared I was for her safety and not familiar with the areas she was traveling that ... wouldn't it be cool for Quilters to have a connection to other quilters in case of an emergency? I mean a list of names across the country to call in case you are in an area and need to know where the closest store is, or hotel, or road assistance. Or if one of our daughters is scared and needs a place to call home. Is this a crazy notion to think it is possible to connect for the safety of our 'quilting buddies and their families"? Something like the underground railroad, but not so secret and not underground. Maybe the above ground link? what do you think?

mom mapquest and more seams get sewn

My daughter decided to drive across country. So I went to CSAA and got all the maps and have been mommy mapquest. CSAA is a god send. Over the years they really have saved me a lot of grief.
And here is the progress of the red and white quilt I am working on. One seam at a time. Hopefully it will be done by the end of the weekend. But my daughter comes first so we will see how that goes.


3 yards of red and one tiny strip to throw away

Cutting the red pieces
All the pieces laid out where they belong
the first strip sewn. lots to go!


A finish and a beginning

This is a kathy Schmitz stitchery that I have finished. Her pattern calls for a lot of little dots in the corners and on the trees. I haven't decided if I want them yet or not. I love her patterns!
And this is the beginning of my red and white quilt top (as seen on Sarah's House) I am beginning with using up my white muslin scraps. 380 pieces in all of white. Tonight the red!



My birds now have wings!


Best summer read yet

I finished this book the other day and really did enjoy it. Recomment it highly. (photo from Amazon)

Getting it together

I tested a pattern that made a 10" block and even though I like the block I wanted it bigger, so I drafted the same block bigger.
Here are the pieces laid out
sewn together
almost done
And here are the two for comparison. I do like the bigger one better for the quilt I am going to make. My newly drafted block finishes at 17 inches. This will be the block for my red and white quilt. The pattern is called the Chimney sweep block.


Thanks Pammy!

My good friend Pammy picked up these nice items for me in Sisters at the big Quilt show! Thank you Pammy!



Fabric in the mail

Well, I did it. I blew my "no fabric for 2010" promise to myself. I ordered 3 yards of Chinese Red from Hancocks of Paducah. I think the total with shipping and tax came to $19. Or close to that. My plans are to make a quilt that I saw on Sarah's House. This image is from the 3rd season of Sarah's house and is one of the "kids" bedrooms. I am in love with this quilt and plan on doing my version of it. I will use crisp white muslin and Chinese Red. yummmmm


My metal bench seat

I bought this last year and am just now getting around to doing what I want to it. It was flat black when I bought it and then I put primer on it and now the final color. RED!
Here the red is done. Next, the fun designs that I have not completely figured out yet. My inspirations are Sticks and MacKenzie-Childs. Check them out if you have never seen their products. Wonderful!