Long weekend update

The best part of finishing the BOM!
For some strange reason this image keeps coming into the blog. I have tried to delete it a few times and it won't go away so I guess you get to keep on seeing the beginning of my flying geese.
Technical trouble today on the blog front. turn your head to the right and that is the way it is supposed to look. this is the back of the BOM Quilt. I used up all the fabric leftovers from the BOM and made the 1/2 squ triangles into Flying geese. Love this back! Best one to date. It took me 14 hours to finish the back and the front of this quilt. Partly due to the fact that I had no plan. A figure it out as you go kind. In the end I did slice down that part of beige fabric and turn it around to the hunks of fabric are now in the middle and not on the side. I think when this quilt is done it will be very nice.
Here is the top completed. I love it! I had made it bigger around the edges but found that the bias edges were giving me grief, as in, It would have probably become very wonky before quilting. So I sliced and diced and added some extra fabric.
oh look, here is that picture again for your viewing pleasure.
and yet again...
Here is a pile of the left over fabric from the BOM
and some of the left overs made into strips
more left overs
just before being put together
oh, isn't this a cute little house?

This is where I got the pattern.

Remember my little pillow? Well I finished it. Please note the embroidery thread in the center. Doesn't it look like a real flower now?
Here is a close up of the whole pillow.
This is where the pillow lives now.
Then I used up the last of my 30's fabric Pammy gave me a few years ago. It is a doll blanket.
4 more of these blocks are done. that's 8 of 30.
And plus I used yet more of the little 1.5 inch squares Val gave me a few years back. Be watching your mail Val, you never know if they will come your way or not.
Here is the completed Flag pillow and the wool Eagle project that has been in a box for a few years. I bought a pillow form yesterday (Target $3.04) so I can get it completed.
Flag pillow alone. cute!


  1. Your BOM quilt is gorgeous! And that back, WOW. That does look like a lot of work, but you'll love it every time you turn the quilt over. Gorgeous!

  2. So many things I love in this post! First of all the Sue Spargo house - LOVE it!! Of course, I love anything Sue Spargo does! And also the selvege pillow. I have been collecting my selveges and am looking for projects to make with them - this is a great one!