Saturday's finish

This is what I see when I look out my kitchen window. A little area of shady plants. It was 10:30 am when I took this picture. note the temp. I was done working in the yard at noon and had to take a shower I was so sweaty.
These are my BOM blocks from Thimblecreek Quilt shop. I wrote them an e-mail to ask what the finished product is supposed to look like since it wasn't included in the last mailing. The e-mail I got back said that "oops, he forgot and didn't take a picture of his finished quilt that is now at the quilter and will send an image to all the people that participated in the BOM as soon as it is done". Hello, shouldn't that be a part of any BOM? I don't know about you but I do not read minds. No more BOM's for me unless they are spelled out and a finished image is included. The reason I had the blocks laying on the floor is because I was trying to figure out how to put them together and finally just gave up as it was to much work and I wasn't into work.


  1. omg, they will send a pic of the finished quilt? Like, maybe they didn't TRY the quilt out before and JUST decided to give it a go? I hate that too! I am working on a kit I put together and have had questions on, "where is the kit?". I don't feel comfortable putting it in my shop until I have it finished, you know? I had put one together and sold out of those but decided to do it with an entire different line of fabrics and need to finish it up. I better get a move on, do love your blocks though, Elaine

  2. Beautiful little garden.
    Funny about the BOM! Yeah, you would think a picture of the final project would be important.

  3. Wow, that's a mystery quilt for sure. If you're a "big picture" person like me, you really need that photo of the final project, the exact reason that I now avoid mystery quilts. Love your placemats and napkins...very cute!