Playing catch up

Does this little play house bring back any memories? Boy it sure did for me when I saw it in an antique store. The one I had was completely made of metal. The store sold this as a 1960's doll house but as I was cleaning it I saw the date on the side and it was 1974. Still cute as ever and is my granddaughter's birthday present. It will remain at my house so when she comes to visit she has something to play with to spark her imagination.
This is the inside. Now I can search antique stores for the missing furniture.

I decided to do a little project last night. Somewhere on a blog yesterday I saw a flower that was similar to this one. So when I got home I searched my books and thought that I had a pattern in a Gwen Marston book. But I couldn't find it so I settled on this book.

Here is the page open to the flower.

And here is my version. In this image I had not finished one petal. But it is now completed.

Here is the completed flower. I used up most of my 30's scraps. And the little red dots in the center are yo yo's put on so the back is the front. This way it gives it a poof without having to stuff it. I plan on finishing it as a pillow and use embroidery thread to quilt it. It was fun and only took one evening in front of the tv.

Here is the beginning of my next project. 30 kaffee fabrics, 30 sheets of triangle paper. Kind of a daunting beginning. That is a lot of half square triangles. The pattern is so cute, I have wanted to do it for as many years as I have been quilting.

Here is the book the pattern is in...

Here is the quilt on the back of the chair in the foreground. Kind of reminds me of pack man. Wish me luck on this one. That is 480 half square triangles. yuck. But I think the end product will be well worth the pain.


  1. I love that doll house. I believe I've played with that kind of house. Your Granddaughter will enjoy it also. It'll be a fun thing to do at Grandma's. Can't wait to see what your new project looks like.

  2. Hey Liz, have you been playing with that doll house? I would have, so darn cute. By the way, have you seen http://fitquilter.blogspot.com/ ? I am in awe of this lady and her work! Elaine