My Stash

This is what I have now as a stash. 13 bins. I have been on a stash diet and doing very well. one of the bins is full of tops completed and one is full of patterns. so really, there are only 11 with fabric in them. My goal is to use it up! really, I am tired of the storage issues that come with all of that fabric. As I go through the bins and see exactly what I have it is rather sad. What compelled me to buy so much and hoard it? Time to use it or lose it!


  1. Your stash diet is paying off. I have way more than that even though I have not been purchasing much fabric this year.

  2. Wow, you impress me! I wish I could be that disciplined. Pat your self on the back girl, you did good, Elaine

  3. I am so envious of your diet! I need to stop buying and keep sewing...it's craziness. xo Pammy