All the quilting I did on the weekend

Well, I didn't really do any quilting, I did a lot of thinking about quilting. I finished my 12 month BOM from The Fat Quarter shop a few weeks ago and it was a great experience. But the finishing step ($$)is more than I can afford. Which is sad but true. I work for the state of California and we are furloughed. So no more buying power from me. I owe, I owe as the saying goes. Anyway, I got out all of my scraps from the blocks and thought about how I was going to put those 12 blocks together. I am thinking that the middle will be an applique block where the medallion is on the finished kit BOM. I have some of the pretty green I was saving for something else. Oh well, we have to do what we have to do.


  1. Hey Liz, lay your blocks out with your leftovers so we can see what you have, k? Elaine

  2. Furloughed. Tough situation. We keep hearing that the state of California is broke.

  3. I agree with Elaine. I would also like to see how the BOM is "supposed" to look. Remember, redesigning it will be just as wonderful!

  4. Hi Liz

    What is the range of fabrics you are using?