getting a bit more settled

Saturday was a very busy day for me. I unloaded the living room of all furniture, and stacked what I could on the bookshelf in order to clear the room. Getting ready to put in the carpet I recently bought at a remnant sale. A huge thank you to my friend Pammy for helping me get the remnant from the store to my home. That in itself is a choir without a truck.
This is the remnant all rolled up. It was some work unrolling it since it was rolled back wards to the way it was laid.

this is the huge mess (pile) of furniture that was moved.

The first time I moved the furniture back on the rug. I had it to close to the window wall.

then lifting the TV cabinet and inching the carpet under it was exhausting. that thing is heavy! The sewing cabinet belonged to my grandmother and it means a lot to me.

yes, the ugly chair is still there. Can you tell I love wing chairs and only buy off of Craig's list? I wish I could afford a brand new chair that was beautiful. But it's not in the cards. More images when I get farther along. Now the fun part. decorating!


  1. We have an upholstry shop here that does amazing work on recovering chairs and other stuff. I told the lady I loved the wing backed chairs and she said I should buy one at a yard sale or craigs list to recover, much cheaper that way. So, you did good kid, looks great! Pop over to my blog for felted wool kit giveaways from me! Cheers, Elaine

  2. Looks great! Still love that apartment.

  3. oh my gosh lizzie, that is alot of work and it looks great!! good job! and happy weekend...

  4. Also, did you happen to notice that Cleo is watching TV? HAAAAAAHAAAAA!!